I'm Mariana Paz, web developer specialised in Drupal. My story with technology, computers and machines in general, started at the end of the 80s: at five years old I had fun disassembling and reassembling my grandfather's clocks and my handheld game consoles just to see how they worked. Personal computers were not much popular at that time, but there was something about them that intrigued and attracted me. So once I got one, a beautiful IBM XT286, I spent many years creating innocent spirals in the Logo (yes, the one that you send instructions to a little turtle), memorizing (with minimal success) DOS commands, running the best games I've ever played on floppy disks and lulling myself with the beautiful sound of 56k dial-up modems.

After secondary school, I decided that I wanted to study anthropology, and I did so for many years. In the university I met the group "Antropocaos" with whom I learned that programming could also be applied to social sciences. We used programming tools to build simulation models (artificial societies) on platforms like Sugarscape. That is, I managed to stay in touch with computers and IT even in an environment so reluctant to them.

In 2007 I started working in Tincan, an UK company that offers web solutions to theatres and cultural centres in England. That was my first formal job in IT, and it was where I established my self using many of the tools I use until today (without going into much technical details and among others: PHP, mysql, javascript, bash, apache).
Also I met other people "like me" who used some linux distribution as their operating system. That was the beginning of my career as a web developer and I was able to consolidate in a job my enthusiasm and passion for computers and programming languages.

Currently I share my time between: Tincan, other web dev projects I do with friends and colleagues (you can take a look here), making music, creating electronic sound effects and playing robotics with arduino.


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